One Year, One Month, One Day Old



It’s been so long I could have had another baby since the last time I blogged! It’s good to be back…well, at least for today. I’ve quickly learned that with having two little ones as a full time mom, it takes a whole lot of effort to first of all find a few minutes to myself, sit down without having to think about the looooooong list of things to do before tomorrow and on top of that, start typing! Well…here I am…FINALLY…9 months since my first post about Baby I (“Bear” is what we call him).

Today, Bear is one year, one month and one day old. And a LOT has happened since he was born. Here’s an update:

  • June: Bear was born and K (who we now call “Bug” since she’s my little Love Bug) became a BIG sister (a very helpful, loving one)
  • July: Bug gave Bear his first bath.
  • August: Bear was diagnosed with Pertussis but thankfully thrived!
  • September: Bug’s 3rd birthday
  • October: For Halloween, Bug dressed as a cherry pie and Bear wore a fuzzy bear costume (thus giving him his new name “Bear”). Scott started a new business with his friend.
  • November: Bug & Bear wore handprint turkey hats with their cousin Baby O (“Owl” is his nickname) and went to Palm Springs with the family to celebrate.
  • December: Bug participated in her first Christmas singing performance and Bear enjoyed his first Christmas. Bear also developed eczema and I began an elimination diet to pinpoint its cause.
  • January: Bug began school again (the co op I run/teach) Bear’s 1st tooth came in, started crawling and also began Cranial Sacral Therapy.
  • February: 4 new teeth came in overnight (poor Bear!), we celebrated Owl’s 1st birthday and Bear began pulling up to stand.
  • March: Bear started clapping and enjoyed solids for the first time (sweet potato). Bug sure enjoyed feeding him!
  • April: Bug won her first pet fish with her Auntie Julie! Bear stands on his own.
  • May: Bear’s language develops faster than we can keep up (“Mama,” “Dada,” “moh,” (more) “wah” (water) clicks his tongue when pointing to the clock, makes a fishy face when he points at Bug’s fighter fish). Bug read her first book on her own!
  • June: Our final days with our friends at Bug’s co op. Bear’s 1st Birthday (bear-themed of course!)
  • July: Bug’s first summer camp experience (without me) and first hula camp and luau (with me as teacher). Bear took his first steps and we both got our blood drawn to help us discover eczema-related food allergies.

Hoping I’ll have more very short moments like this to blog, even if it’s a real short one like today’s!




3 Months, 3 Years and 3 More Weeks to Go! (our battle with Pertussis)


I am so grateful to be blogging right now…a few months ago, I couldn’t even see myself even breaking free for a few minutes for some “me” time. The last three months were filled with a whirlwind of challenges, joys and testing of my faith including giving birth to our new baby boy, celebrating K’s third birthday and helping our littlest battle Pertussis (a.k.a. whooping cough).


Photo by Nadine Bosurgi

A little over three months ago our family of three welcomed our newest little one, Baby I, into the world. By God’s grace, I was able to go into natural labor and have a quick delivery (almost as quick as K’s) at one of the finest hospitals here in Santa Monica. From the very start, our healthy, beautiful baby boy nursed well, took long naps and was an “angel baby” as they call it. The day he was born, big sister K welcomed her baby brother with hugs, kisses and lots of love. Nine months of anticipation and excitement for a baby brother was well worth it! After a full day of visitors and then an almost sleepless night, we decided it was best to go back home. To our surprise, Baby I adjusted really well, K embraced him and I was getting 6-8 total hours of sleep each night (more than I was getting when pregnant!).


Photo by Nadine Bosurgi

The first month and a half was like a baby-moon with baby and all! Everything was going so smoothly (I’d even say perfectly) until one night in August, I woke up to hearing Baby I having a series of dry coughs and then gasping for air. It definitely wasn’t sounding good so that morning, I did some research on the internet and came across Pertussis. Of course Google highlighted the extreme cases of infants with pertussis like longterm hospitalization and stories of deaths that occur because of this horrible disease. Well it was enough to get me to call our pediatrician and bring him in for testing.

After sharing about his coughing episode that last night and having his lungs and breathing observed, the pediatrician tried to convince me that we didn’t need to have him tested and that he just had a common cold. I was not convinced and needed to be 100% sure so I pressed on to get him tested. Reluctantly, she ordered for him to get a culture done.

During that long week of waiting for the results (hoping the pediatrician was right!), I did further research on Pertussis and came to learn that the onset of this “100-day cough” came with little to no symptoms (especially in infants) for the first few weeks. Those affected may have cold-like symptoms which then subside and then develop a cough that progresses into coughing episodes that produce a “whoop” at the end when gasping for air. Infants and toddlers may turn blue during these episodes and many have to be hospitalized to ensure they are getting enough oxygen and to have their lungs and organs monitored. Infants may not ever have this cough but symptoms may silently appear in the form of sleep apnea (stopped breathing) especially during nighttime sleep. This really scared me!

One week later, I received the dreaded phone call that Baby I was tested positive for Pertussis. My heart dropped as I tried to digest the news…how could this be?! After getting over that question (which took about 5 seconds)…the bigger question was, what was I supposed to do??? Desperately asking for help and advice on how to care for Baby I, the pediatrician said that our family needed to get on antibiotics immediately to make sure it wouldn’t spread to others and that all I could do was observe him and let it run its course. She assured me that everything would be fine (that sounded familiar) but in the case he began struggling to breathe, to call their office or go into the ER. And then she reminded me for the third time that we all needed to get on antibiotics. WHAT?!?! That was the advice coming from a professional within the pediatric medical field? Uh…going to the ER if he struggled to breathe sounded like common sense to me. So I pressed on with more questions regarding specific things to look for and do and I was left with a very annoyed pediatrician (who once again reminded me that we needed to get on meds ASAP so that we don’t spread it, which obviously was the most important thing to her).

Devastated and after doing a few more hours of research while trying to carefully observe every single breath Baby I took, I decided to call our pediatric office again, hoping to speak to someone who could really help me and at least act like they cared. I was transferred to one of the other doctors and she left me with a few words of compassion and specifics on various scenarios that might come up: If Baby I has a shortness or is catching his breath, it is fine as long as he does not turn blue. If Baby I were to turn blue, call the office and/or 9-1-1. If he stops breathing for 10 seconds or more (making sure to count “one-one thousand, two-one thousand, etc.), call 9-1-1. I got off the phone feeling a little better for a minute and then started thinking…Wait, I am supposed to just sit and watch my one and a half month old infant for the next 100 days who is in the highest percentile of having to be hospitalized and has a chance of not making it and HOPE he continues to breathe and HOPE he doesn’t cough and then spit up globs of mucus and HOPE he doesn’t choke on it and stop breathing?!?! 

So back on the internet I went…for about two full weeks (which felt like a few months) all the while carefully observing Baby I, praying with all of my strength that God would bring me peace about what to do and also realizing K’s third birthday was only a few days away!!!

Image 6985

K had been planning her birthday for months…Disneyland on her big day and a party the next. Mama, can we have a special cupcake party where the kids can decorate them with frosting and toppings? We can have a toppings bar! And then when it’s time to sing and eat, I can say, “Ready, set, go!” She had it planned out perfectly and she reminded me about it every morning and night. The invitations were already out, the cupcakes were set to go (thanks to my incredible friend, Mama Darlene) and there was no way K wasn’t going to have her party go on. Pertussis couldn’t get in the way!

So later that week in the midst of my almost sleepless nights (I slept very lightly and nursed frequently, making sure Baby I was breathing and ready to pick him up if he had a coughing spell) we celebrated K’s big day at Disneyland and the next morning at her favorite park with friends, cupcakes and the works. Thankfully K had the time of her life and couldn’t stop exclaiming, “Yipee! I’m three!” After all of the fun, it was back to caring for Baby I and figuring out what to do…

Several moms on a few blogs wrote about their heart wrenching experiences either losing their babies or watching them in the hospital with tubes and machines hooked up to their helpless newborns and ended their stories with wishing they were to have known about the Vitamin C treatment.

I then started to researching this and all sites and experiences led me to Dr. Suzanne Humphries and her article about the Vitamin C treatment. After reading the entire article several times and multiple testimonials about Dr. Humphries, I decided to send her an e-mail, asking her if I could schedule a consultation for Baby I. Within a few hours, I had heard back from her, filled out some paperwork and scheduled a Skype consultation for the following day.

Speaking with Dr. Suzanne was an answer to prayer. Dr. Suzanne walked me through the process of Pertussis and shared specific things that I could to do help build up Baby I’s immune system (it was especially down because of the antibiotics) and help my family and me get through what felt like an eternity. Based on Baby I’s weight and the severity of his cough, she recommended a specific dosage Vitamin C in sodium ascorbate (given with a syringe and a few ml of breastmilk) and lyposomal (swabbed inside his cheek) form. She suggested I continue giving the family probiotics through the powdered form I was already feeding the little ones (I gave it to Baby I by having him suck on some on my finger), having everyone drink plenty of kefir, eating lots of yogurt and enjoying traditionally prepared sauerkraut and other fermented veggies through the day. All of us were also taking high doses of Vitamin C as our immune systems were rundown and there was a possibility we might have contracted Pertussis as well. Most importantly, Dr. Suzanne reminded me that since I am a woman of faith, to continue to trust God that He is in full control.

After shutting down my computer, I felt God’s peace overwhelm me and I just knew all would be fine. My faith was put to the test and I wanted to put things in my hands, having control of our baby’s health. At that moment, I realized that He was carrying all of us this entire time, even when I felt like I was carrying the world on my shoulders.

Within a day of administering the Vitamin C, I noticed all the difference in Baby I. He wasn’t really coughing anymore and when he did, it would be a cough here or there but nothing more than that. He continued to nurse well, grow A LOT (he was 16 pounds at 3 1/2 months) and sleep really long stretches at night (7 1/2 hours as his longest stretch). Smiling, laughing, cooing, sucking on his thumb, rolling over onto his back and now army crawling around the house, I’d say Baby I is not only battling this disease but thriving through it and we only officially have three more weeks to go!!!

Image 6873

I’m just hoping and praying our story would encourage others with little ones who are fighting Pertussis.

K is for Cookie…O Wait, That’s Not Right! (Mini PB Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe)


On our last “sick day” at home, K and I reread all of the library books we checked out the week before. One of her new finds was Laura Numeroff and Felicia Bond’s “The Best Mouse Cookie” where Mouse burns his first batch of cookies but makes a comeback by baking a mountain of chocolate chip cookies to enjoy.


And just like “if you give a mouse of cookie,” if you give K any idea of a cookie, she wants to bake some herself! So that’s what we did.

One of my Mama friends in our co op shared this great gluten-free recipe for peanut butter cookies. Mmm! They were good. You should have seen the faces of our littles as they stuffed themselves silly 🙂

Since we don’t have white/refined sugar in the house (what the recipe called for), I thought I would do a little tweaking and come up with a version of my own. Oh! And I had to add some chocolate chips in it of course…what cookie at our house doesn’t have chocolate in it?

While I enjoyed both versions very much, my version of the cookies were a little more likely to crumble and melted in our mouths (probably because I substituted a tiny bit of honey for the cup of sugar the recipe called for)…and chocolatey!

Hope you enjoy the recipe as much as our family did!

Mini PB Chocolate Chip Cookies
Refined-sugar-, dairy-free, soy-free, grain-free, gluten-free

This recipe takes about 12 minutes (5 minutes prep time plus 5-7 minutes baking time) and makes about two dozen mini cookies

What You Need:
Ingredients (listed below)
medium sized bowl
measuring cup & teaspoon
cookie sheet lined with parchment paper or foil

1 organic range-free large egg
1 C organic creamy peanut butter
3 heaping Tbsp organic honey
1/2 tsp salt (I use pink himalayan)
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/2 cup mini chocolate chips (I use Enjoy Life dairy-, soy- and gluten-free chips)

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees
2. Crack egg into bowl and whisk
3. Stir in peanut butter and honey
4. Add salt and baking soda and stir well
5. Mix in chocolate chips
6. On your lined cookie sheet, form balls (2 1/2cm in diameter) and push flat (about 1cm thick) leaving an inch of space in between
7. Put them in your oven for about 3 minutes and then rotate cookie sheet and leave in for another 3 minutes or until golden brown
8. Let them cool thoroughly (or they will crumble apart) and then enjoy!

*I made these a few times already and discovered the more honey you add, the less crumbly and more chewy they are 🙂

How K assembled the cookies:

photo 1 copy 2

Rolling the cookie dough into small balls

photo 2 copy 2

Placing one an inch away from another

photo 3 copy 2

 Pressing the ball down until about 1cm thick

photo 4 copy 2

All ready for the oven!

photo 4

After waiting patiently for cookies to cool…K takes her first bite!

photo 3

K licking off the crumbs that were left on her chin. Yum!!!

Fighting A Cold Naturally (plus K’s Honey Lollipops recipe)


Ugh! Being sick is no fun at all…especially when your little one is sick with you! It’s one thing to fight a cold on your own but watching your little one suffer can be unbearable at times.

I can count the fingers on one hand how many times K has gotten sick in the two and a half years of her life, and this past week was the first time she’s had to fight it on her own. I used to be able to nurse her through those rough days and nights and help boost her immunity. But those nursing days came to an end earlier this year. So…what was I to do?

I went through my “how to fight a cold” checklist in my head: homemade bone broth, lemon, raw honey, garlic, turmeric, coconut oil, probiotics and lots and lots of sleep! Check, check, check, check, check, check, check and…well, we’ll see how the sleep goes! I felt prepared to help both K and I win this battle!

So with my crockpot filled with some ACV, water and pasture-raised knuckle beef bones on high for the first few days, K and I managed to hang in there during the day between her coughs, sneezes, sniffles and her shouting “boogs” (short for, “tissue Mama!”) every few minutes. We constantly drank hot lemon tea, bone broth infused with garlic, turmeric, coconut oil and lemon juice and ate Bubbies’ sauerkraut (her favorite). Thankfully she was chipper all day long, filling our time with imaginary play, painting and playing basketball by making slam dunks in our laundry basket.

As for nights, the first few were a huge struggle. Tossing and turning, being waken by her congested coughs and stuffed nose, and running a high temp of 103, all poor little K could do was cry and try soothe herself back to sleep. The nights were miserable for all of us. I rubbed some garlic oil onto her feet and covered them with socks and turned up the humidifier on high, hoping to help draw the toxins out of her body while opening up her lungs. And as she slept for increments of 20-30 minutes at a time, I would lie there and pray, asking God for healing and for her fever to break.

With two almost sleepless nights, I felt like I was losing this battle. My health wasn’t getting any better (mainly due to the lack of sleep) and K’s didn’t seem to be progressing either. But thankfully, things turned around on the morning of day 3.

K woke up with a temp of 98.7 and while she looked a lot better, her raspy voice and congested cough said it all. She had a sore throat and was miserable. At that point, I took out my jar of organic raw honey and after giving K half a teaspoon that morning, I quickly realized that it did make her throat feel better…almost instantly! But…and here’s the BUT…it also made her HYPER!!! She rarely has any sort of sugar to begin with, but a full on gulp of it made her CRAZY!!! She ran around and her slam dunks in the laundry basket became SUPER slam dunks with loud shouts and squeals that I’m sure my neighbors loved to hear at 7am. “Honey, honey, more honey Mama!” was all I heard for the next hour or two.

At that point, I had to think of a more practical way to help soothe K’s throat opposed to feeding what was turning into a honey monster with spoonfuls of more honey by the hour. Ah ha! What about a honey lollipop? I googled “homemade honey lollipops” and came across a ton of great recipes. At this point, all I wanted was a quick and easy recipe I could whip up in 5 minutes. So I simplified all the recipes out there, gave this one a try and LOVED it!

photo 3

K’s Honey Lollipops
Paleo, refined-sugar-, dairy-free, nut-free, soy-free, grain-free, gluten-free

This recipe takes about 15 minutes (5 minutes cooking plus 10 minutes cooling time) and makes about a dozen pops

What You Need:
Ingredients (listed below)
small pot
metal spoon
parchment paper or silpat
lollipop sticks
candy thermometer

1/2 C honey

1. Place honey into the pot and put it on a medium-low flame
2. Stir and wait until your thermometer reads 300 degrees F and remove from heat
3. Allow to cool until honey is somewhat gloppy and formable when poured
4. Using your metal spoon, pour small 1″ diameter round dollops onto paper/silpat and place lollipop stick on top, rolling it to make sure the top is covered in honey
5. Wait until pops are cooled before removing and then begin licking! Wrap extra pops in parchment paper, seal them in a plastic bag and store in the fridge for later enjoyment!

After a few more days of more bone broth, lemon tea, ACV water, honey lollipops and R&R for the two of us, I am proud to say that K and I finally beat the cold!!! Today was our first full day out and about and both K and I were able to enjoy every minute of it ~ tissue free!

So…what to make of all this? Well, I’m thankful I haven’t yet had to give any meds to K with all the natural home remedies available and God’s healing hand. But when that day comes, at least I can say we fought the battle with all we had…and at least enjoyed K’s honey lollipops through it all 🙂

photo 2

Happy St. Patty’s…Celebrate With a Shamrock Shake!


photo (4)

It’s been all about rainbows and the color GREEN these past few weeks in K’s toddler co op…


mixing primary colors and making new ones,


dot-painting rainbows with cotton balls and clothespins,


making rainbows while zooming cars across the page,


gluing rainbow beads on an arch,


planting a rainbow in a large bin of beans,


and reading GREEN, by Laura Vaccaro Seeger.

Today we’re going to celebrate St. Patty’s as we learn the story of the Leprechaun, decorate our green pots that we’ll be planting seeds in next week, painting more rainbows, finding gold coins and making (then enjoying) healthy green Shamrock Shakes!

K’s been enjoying her Shamrock Shakes since last year and she cannot wait to make them in our Vitamix with her friends in class tomorrow! Here’s last year’s post including the easy recipe to make these perfect St. Patty’s Day green drinks. Enjoy!

Birth Days


A lot has been going since K’s second birthday…our lives have been filled with starting a toddler group co op which I’ve been running since September, the exciting holidays spent with family and friends, welcoming K’s first baby cousin into the world, and now nesting for our second little one this July!

If I can sum up the last six months or so in a few words, I’d say…”Birth Days.”


Toddler Group – Since last year at this time, a few mom friends of mine and I started talking about preschools. While it’s more than a fortune to send a little one to school or daycare out here in Santa Monica, our hope was to give our littles a preschool experience but with parent involvement and without the high cost. I did some research about how I could start a preschool once K turned two and just knew with the little time we had, it would be nearly impossible to find a space, get licensed, enroll and then open. But then I came across the idea of starting a cooperative (co-op) and learned that parents could get involved and share their time, resources and any costs into running the school.  I fell in love with the idea and after sharing this vision with others, a group of 8 moms who have littles around K’s age decided to join in and we birthed the toddler group co op the week after K turned two. It’s been the biggest blessing for our family. We’ve been able to watch K grow in so many ways along with her close group of friends, I’ve learned so much from the other moms and have been able to rely on their support, and I’ve had the opportunity to do what I love most (or second best to being a mom & wife)…teach and work with little ones!

Holidays – From Thanksgiving and Christmas to Valentine’s and St. Patrick’s Day, our holidays were full of fun and laughter, yet were a little bittersweet knowing that it would be our last holidays with K as our only child. We enjoyed some of our family traditions and birthed some new ones too!


Making Thanksgiving Turkey Hats


Making Almond Flour Christmas Cookies


 Gingerbread House Decorating


Enjoying a New Year’s Shabu Shabu Lunch With Family


Making & Breaking a Valentine’s Day Piñata With Friends

photo (4)

Making & Drinking Shamrock Shakes (tomorrow for St. Patty’s)

Baby Cousin’s Birthday – About a month ago, K’s first baby cousin was born into the world. “Donald Duck is born,” she told us (K referred to him as Donald for the past 6 months…and yes, that was around the time of her first Disney trip where she met the real Donald Duck). K anticipated Baby coming out for months and FINALLY he arrived. She was in awe of her cousin and could not help but giggle with joy every time she touched his head or his teeny tiny hands. And ever since then, she has told us that she has a special Baby Daisy Duck in her belly that will come out one day.

Anticipating One More Birth – Last September we found out we were expecting our second baby and Scott and I were beyond thrilled! Well, October and November rolled around and unlike my first pregnancy with K, I experienced what most moms go through…morning sickness. Ugh! I guess I had it really good the first time around because this morning sickness thing was no joke. From the moment I woke til the second I fell asleep at night, all I felt was nausea and everything I ate made me sick. Moving made me dizzy and the heat didn’t do me any good either. Thankfully it only lasted a few months and gratefully that was the worst of it. K definitely kept me positive and helped me get through it as she sang songs to Baby everyday, rubbed my rapidly growing belly and talked to Baby.

Last month we found out baby’s gender and K had the chance to watch Baby move during the ultrasound as she sang the “ABC’s” with her lips up to my belly. Excited to find out if she were going to have a sister or brother, she waited patiently, watching the screen. “You’re having a boy!” the doctor told us. K smiled and told us, “I’m having a brother!” The joy on her face emulated the room and all Scott and I could do was take it all in.

We couldn’t wait to share with our family so I decided I would whip something up in the kitchen to share the news. I tried a new recipe (Chocolate Pots De Creme by LA Fuji Mama) and they were a hit! I hid blueberries under the fresh whipped cream and then had the family top theirs with either a raspberry or blueberry with their guess. And to their surprise (apparently K tricked them and said she was having a sister a few hours before), they found blueberries in their dessert confirming she would be having a brother!


I’m excited to be back blogging again…well, at least for the next few months until Baby Boy arrives. Hope to share some of our favorite co op art projects and activities, what’s been going on in our kitchen, all the new seedlings we’ve planted in the garden and some of our new go-to places here in Santa Monica!

My New Favorite Bento Box (plus an exciting e-book collaboration)


Grrrr…I used to get so frustrated when K opened up her bento box and her meal was all mixed up! It definitely wasn’t my intent to have all the compartments full of green beans and cashew chicken topped with hummus, zucchini and apple slices! And K would know because she would take her time picking out each piece and placing into its separate compartment. After a good five minutes of practicing her sorting and fine-motor skills and then licking off the hummus on her fingers, lunch would finally begin!

Several months ago I discovered a bento box that can actually keep all the food (including sauces) in its place! And not only is this bento box made especially for kids (meaning durable/drop-proof, kid portion-sized, easy to use), it’s adorable, BPA-free, has a 2-year warranty and comes in a variety of colors. This bento box is called…BENTGO KIDS!!!

Bentgo Purple (3)Bentgo Purple (5)

And here’s the background to how I discovered this new awesome masterpiece (so new, it actually doesn’t even come out til tomorrow)…earlier in the year, my friend asked me if I might be interested in sharing a healthy recipe and filling a standard 2-tiered Bentgo box with a healthy meal for an e-book. I said “yes” of course and submitted my coconut flour raspberry muffins recipe served with chicken, baked sweet potato fries and some fruit. All was great, especially after receiving a standard Bentgo lunchbox of my own! Several months later, I heard back and asked if I would submit a few kid-friendly recipes and see if I could be part of an e-book collaboration for a new product on the market. Having faith that my eczema inflamed hand would even allow for me to even whisk an egg in a bowl, I said “sure” and got working in the kitchen. Inspired by my newest knowledge about eating right and keeping my eczema under control (gluten-free, grain-free, soy-free, refined sugar-free), I created ten recipes that were approved for publishing of their Bentgo Kids e-book (free with purchase of a Bentgo Kids lunchbox). In mid-August, not only was my hand miraculously cured, I was ready for a photo-shoot for the book. And that was an AWESOME experience ~ I felt like was on Master Chef for 90 minutes, chopping, creating and carefully placing the carefully planned meals into each compartment of the Bentgo Kids lunchbox. And last week was just as AWESOME when I received my very own (well, K’s very own) Bentgo Kids lunchbox in the mail!!!

 Bentgo Green (5)

After using it three times thus far I’ve been so impressed! The food stays in its place, it keeps K’s lunch insulated and they’re enough compartments for a lot of variety. I especially love the rubber gripping on it that keeps the box from sliding off the table (that’s happened one too many times with her other bento boxes, leaving K in tears). And hearing the comments I’ve been getting from other moms made me realize how practical this lunchbox is.

Okay, so I’m sure it sounds like I’m being paid to advertise this lunchbox, but I assure you, the Bentgo company didn’t have me sign a commitment to writing a post, promoting its product, etc…this is written based on the joy my Bentgo Kids lunchbox has brought K and me 🙂 And I’m loving it so much, I encourage you to take a look at it for yourself before getting one for your toddler, a friend or even yourself (yes, I am contemplating getting a blue or green one for me!). You can watch a short video promo here (you get a few seconds glimpse of a few of my meals) and here is a detailed sheet I requested for this post:


With a purchase, you get a FREE e-book of 30 healthy, fun kids recipes (I can’t wait to see how the cookbook turned out!). The retail price is $27.99 and pre-sales open up online tomorrow, November 13 at ~ it’s never too early to get some holiday shopping done!