Raspberry Macadamia Nut Yogurt



My little one LOVES her food! With my husband and myself both foodies, we inevitably brought a foodie baby into this world. From the first day K was born, she was ready to eat ~ searching for her first milk and always wanting more of it! We swear that she never wanted to sleep or nap because she would miss out on having more milk. Once we introduced K to solids, her love for food even became stronger! From avocado and kale to broccoli and grass-fed beef, she would devour it in whatever way it got into her mouth the fastest.

When K was about 10 months old, we introduced plain organic full-fat cow’s milk yogurt to her and while she puckered her face between bites, she kept signing “more.” About a month later, we introduced macadamia nut butter (for its health benefits and because we always have to have some in the fridge for a quick power snack) and it became one of her favorites (we’d give her a heaping teaspoon of it at a time). Around that time raspberries were in season and a nice farmer gave her a handful to sample (after she convinced him by pointing and signing “eat/food” at everything in his booth). She absolutely LOVED it. I think she really liked its taste but texture even more so.

Around 10am every morning, K is ready for her mid-morning snack. One day I thought, Hey! Why not mixing up her favorites together? So I did! I took a half cup of organic plain cow’s milk full-fat yogurt and placed a dollop of mac nut butter (blended macadamia nuts with coconut oil) in the center and a fresh organic raspberry on top. When she first looked at it, she was all smiles. And about a minute later, I was smiling at a little one with a yogurt mustache, a smear of mac nut butter on her cheek and little hands signing “more!”

What I learned that day:



What You Need


Small Bowl



1/2 C Organic Full-Fat Yogurt (cow or goat’s milk, whatever baby prefers)

1 tsp Macadamia Nut Butter (a few cups of macadamia nuts blended with a tsp or two of coconut oil)

Fresh Organic Raspberry


1. Fill your bowl with yogurt

2. Drop a teaspoonful of macadamia nut butter in the center

3. Top with an organic raspberry

4. Serve to your little one or enjoy it yourself as a snack or dessert!


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