What Drives Through Town and Brings Amazement To Every Child? (and it’s not the ice cream truck)



O yes! That’s right!!! She’s pointing right at it  🙂

Baby K loves her daily walks…she cannot wait to explore the world outside!!! Once K began to walk (or should I say toddle) around thirteen months, I was excited to take her for walks all around our city ~ the beach, parks, for hikes, you name it. Before then, we would always carry her in her Ergo or stroll her (though she hated the stroller with a passion) until we reached a destination where we could put her down to crawl and explore. Nowadays with her as an active participant of the actual journey, I quickly learned that walking over to a friend’s house only a few blocks away can take any where from ten to thirty minutes (and that’s not because she has little legs and wobbles around ~ she’s actually quite fast and controlled). K, like me, ALWAYS stops to smell the roses. At every familiar, or unfamiliar object, she stops, points, looks at me, tells me the word (usually its first sound or something like it) and then pulls me over to make sure we get a better look, feel and sometimes smell of it. So as you can imagine, these walks are more like very loooooong adventures of the known and unknown for us and every day there’s something new and exciting!

Today, it was one of the most AWEsome (and I highlight “awe” because I have literally seen children stand in awe ~ eyes wide open with chins dropped while watching them) spectacles for one to see…drumroll everyone….


So what could this green truck that drives through our city each week have that can catch the attention of a young child? As for baby K, it all started with the loud mechanical noises it made as it stopped in front of each home. That caught her attention immediately and there went her pointer finger as she stood completely still, observing the truck. She carefully watched the truck’s arms reach out for the compost bin and carry it over its top, dumping the compost out and then placing the bin back onto the street. Next, I felt the tug on my finger to walk even closer to the truck. At that point, I am sure K began to smell the truck (which wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be) and then notice that this truck was different than the other trucks and cars she has seen on the road or in picture books. This truck was large, bright green, had a picture of a blueberry, raspberry and blackberry on it (which she made a point to sign and say those words to me, letting me know how much she loves to eat them), had two extra smaller wheels in the back and arms that went in and out of the truck, moving bins up and down! We stopped to observe and follow the truck for about ten minutes, going all the way up the block and eventually making it to the market. And when I told K we had to go, she gave me a look of concern and then looked back at the trash truck, waved goodbye, looked back at me with a smile and then continued on our journey, hand in hand.

Baby K reminds me that…

ordinary things can be extraordinary through the eyes of a child.
it’s the simple things in life that can bring so much joy and learning.
we must ALWAYS stop and smell the trash truck 🙂


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