Brussel Sprouts


Today’s post is dedicated to baby K’s Auntie Torrie. It’s her birthday and she LOVES brussel sprouts!!! Not to mention, she now has our entire family hooked on them 🙂 So, first and foremost, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TORRIE!!! May your day be filled with love, blessings, joy and lots of yummy brussel sprouts!!!

This morning’s beautiful warm weather brought us down to Manhattan Beach for the Farmers Market (located at 13th St. and Morningside Dr). Baby K LOVES this market and we will have to create an entire post about it because there’s so much to do, see, listen to touch, smell and K’s favorite…TASTE!!! As we passed the water play area, waved at the children in the choo choo train and stopped to sample some apples and pears at Ha’s Apple Farm, we stumbled upon an enormous pile of brussel sprouts at Smith’s Farm’s booth, which is one of the certified organic vendors we love. K and I ran our fingers through the pile and she “oooh”ed and “wow”ed as she picked them up observing the little green leaves on these almost miniature cabbages. We picked out about 1/2 pound, K placing each one into the plastic bag, to add to tonight’s dinner. Then K handed the man $2.00 (they ended up being $1.85), signed “thank you” and waved goodbye.

Several hours later, I’m in the kitchen while Daddy is reading books to K and I’m wondering how I’m going to cook these babies up! I’ve not yet tackled brussel sprouts but just have heard they could be a lot of work for these little guys. I recalled Torrie mentioning peeling off the outer leaves and I remember seeing them sitting on a pan before they were being plated last Sunday for our family dinner. So I’m thinking sautĂ© them? Or maybe steam them first to make sure they were soft enough for K to chew (her molars have yet to come)?

So here’s what I ended up doing…


I peeled off the outer leaves.


Once peeled, I washed the brussel sprouts under cold water.


K fed the leaves to Peekaboo (K calls him “buh buh” or “Peek”), our pet bunny whom I refer to as K’s older brother.


I chopped off the stems.


I steamed them for a little over 5 minutes.


I cut them in half and then sautéd them with some organic extra virgin olive oil and a 1/2 tsp of leftover organic bacon fat.


Once they were soft, I took them out, let them cool and served them to K as a side along with tonight’s dinner (bacon cauliflower mac n cheese, sweet potato mash, and steamed broccoli & carrots served with butter). K loved it and ate every bit of it!

So here’s the recipe in a nutshell:

What You Need:
Ingredients (listed below)
Cutting board
Small kitchen knife
Bowl (size depending on the amount of brussel sprouts you are cooking)
Pan (or something used for sautĂ©ing…I used the bottom pot from my steamer)
Pet bunny, compost bin or trash can (to discard unwanted brussel sprout pieces)

Brussel Sprouts (of any amount)
Filtered Water
Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Organic bacon fat or bacon cut into pieces (optional)
Seasoning (optional but I would recommend it!)

1. Peel off the outer layer of leaves on each brussel sprout.
2. Wash the brussel sprouts under cold water.
3. Chop off the stems if needed.
4. Feed bunny the leaves and stems or discard them in your compost bin or trash can.
5. Steam brussel sprouts for 5-8 minutes and watch for the leaves to turn bright green. Check to see if a fork can easily poke through them.
6. Add some olive oil and bacon fat or bacon pieces (optional) to a pan and turn it on to a medium flame.
7. Sauté brussel sprouts until they begin to brown. If they aren’t soft enough (if making for baby or young child) pour 1-2 teaspoons of filtered water into the pan and cover with lid for 1-2 minutes until tender.
8. Take them out and cool before serving. Season with freshly cracked black peppercorn and a pinch of Himalayan Sea salt!
9. Enjoy them with any meal or as a meal itself 🙂


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