Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes



It was a gorgeous day in Santa Monica! A perfect day for our weekly baby & toddler group to meet at the park and enjoy good company, the warm sunshine, story time, songs and some water play! During the month of January, I have asked the other mamas in our group to bring some of their little one’s favorite picture books to share. Thanks to my new friend Mama Liz who brought this book to share, I now have another book I MUST add to K’s collection (but this one goes on the very top of my long list). It’s Mem Fox and Helen Oxenbury’s children’s picture book, “Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes.” As you can already see by its cover, the illustrations are just adorable and engaging and really just make you smile (I bet you’re smiling now and didn’t even know it!)…who wouldn’t want to open up this book and read along?

This one-line-per-page picture book illustrates the beauty of diversity among how, when and where babies were born while at the same time reminding us how we are all alike through its simple line which repeats throughout the story, “And both of these babies, as everyone knows, had ten little fingers and ten little toes.” I just love how an array of ethnic backgrounds are beautifully represented and how Fox even spotlights a baby who “suffered from sneezes and chills” when born. Oxenbury’s sweet illustrations show babies snuggling, playing and even helping one another, a great example for our little ones who are soaking up every detail as they listen and read as they turn the pages.

The repetitive, rhythmical, rhyming lines are catchy and simple to follow. And while it’s just perfect for a little one to read and learn something new, I even learned a new word from the story! Do you know what “eiderdown” is? (without googling or looking it up!!!) Comment with your guess…I’m curious if that’s a new word for you too!

This story ends with the narrator speaking for herself as if you are speaking to your child, giving it a personal touch. And of course I’m not going to give EVERYTHING away…there’s a surprise ending (at least it seemed like a surprise for K)…she and the other babies just LOVED the ending when all the mamas imitated the mama in the story.

Hope you have the chance pick up a copy of this book, sit back and relax, just like my baby K with her ten little fingers and her ten little toes  🙂

(Thank you Mama Christine for baby K’s hot pink sandals!)

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