Douglas Park


Douglas Park (located on 2439 Wilshire Blvd.) will always be special to our family because it was where we brought baby K for her one-year-old birthday. We celebrated her big day as she played in the sand, crawled up and down the toddler play structures, teetered on the seesaws and enjoyed splashing about in the water play area. We even met Mama Jun and a new friend, baby A, who K plays with til this day! Since then, we’ve visited Douglas Park several times but it wasn’t until a few weeks ago, we discovered a whole new area of the park when a friend of mine, Mama Diana, suggested we walk our daughters over to the other side (closer to Wilshire Blvd.). As we walked on the dirt path, we began to hear the rustling of leaves, ducks quacking, rushing water and children laughing…K’s little feet started to walk a little faster and her tiny fingers that gripped around my finger started to loosen as she anticipated excitement around the corner. When we made it so that this part of the park was in full view, K completely let go of my hand, stopped to gaze at the scene before her and whispered a long, “Wow!” in awe of the ponds, the streams, the bridges, the rocks (she is currently obsessed with rocks), the ducks, the pigeons, the turtles and the children who ran around, tossing pieces of bread into the pond while ducks and pigeons flocked to the crumbs. After I had the chance to get a glimpse of the beautiful scenery for myself, I looked at K and couldn’t help but smile as I watched her take it all in. We enjoyed the rest of our playdate at the ponds and since then, we’ve been back to Douglas Park with friends a handful of times. This morning, my husband had the chance to join us to see the ponds and he also couldn’t help but smile as he watched K take it all in again, as if it were the first time she visited all over again.

So here’s the park in a nutshell:

IMG_8453  IMG_8417

A play structure and swings for the bigger kids…

IMG_8437 IMG_8455

Equipment to swing and hang from, to climb and to jump off of for the lil’ gymnasts out there…

IMG_8435 IMG_8432

IMG_8413 IMG_8411 IMG_8456

Seesaws, slides, swings and sand for the little ones…A skate/bike park that transforms into a water play area on warmer days…

IMG_8403 IMG_8397 IMG_8401 IMG_7932

Three duck ponds, bridges, streams, pigeons and turtles for all to enjoy. They even have two tennis courts, a lawn bowling green, picnic benches, a fly fishing area and a clubhouse you can rent out!

My Rating: 5 Stars

Pros: A large park for children of all ages, has a gate that encloses the little ones in the play structure area, stroller friendly, has lots of sand, slides, swings, climbing equipment and a skate park/water area, has three duck ponds, shaded seating areas and picnic benches available throughout the park and a few restroom stalls that include a baby changing stall.

Tips: Plenty of metered and some free parking on Chelsea Ave. and other surrounding streets.


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