Do You Have a Foodie Baby???


To celebrate DineLA week (which starts today and actually lasts two weeks), we’ll be talking a lot about food for the rest of this month. Are you a foodie? Do you love to go on new food adventures and are you constantly seeking to be impressed by an even better experience for your palate? If so, in my opinion, you’re a true foodie! Now…what about your little one? How can you tell if you have a foodie baby in your kitchen?

As mentioned in yesterday’s post, I believe “Foodie Babies Wear Bibs,” by Michelle Sinclair Colman is a great book, especially for little ones who love (or need to start loving) their food. With simple words and colorful illustrations, Colman does a fantastic job of describing tell-tale signs of a true foodie baby. I’ll be taking you through the entire book, page by page, over the next few weeks, but for now I will share a little bit about our foodie baby K.

It’s really no surprise that since both my husband and I are foodies, K was born a foodie baby. And she made it very clear to us too! Here are 15 clear signs that our baby is a true foodie:

1. From my second trimester on, K would always move about (from twists and turns to punches and kicks) whenever I ate or drank anything. I could already tell she was enjoying the variety of flavors from foods from all over the world!

2. On the day she decided to leave my belly (yes, I am convinced this was her decision), I believe she was enticed out by the delicious lavender blueberry gelato and spicy chicken tortilla soup I had only hours before.

3. From the minute she came out, K began searching for her milk and really couldn’t get enough of it. She would nurse all day and all night if she could have it her way!

4. From the moment K could grasp an object, when given an array of books to choose from, she would always pick up “Foodie Babies Wear Bibs” and hand it to us to read.

5. Ever since she first started solid foods, she’s never rejected food and if anything, she’d begin to cry hysterically as soon as she’d realize she was taking her last bite.

6. During playtime, I often find K and her bunny, Peekaboo, crawling around the kitchen floor searching for crumbs to eat.

7. K is always looking for and pointing at pictures of food in her books and on her toys. When she sees food, she literally tries to lick the food off (it’s hilarious, really).

8. Of the 20 signs (American Sign Language) she knows, 17 of them are foods.

9. K’s favorite books, toys and songs all have to do with food (one of her favorite Christmas gifts was her “toast and jelly” stuffed toy by Kid Robot from her Auntie Carol).

10. One day when feeding our pet rabbit, Peekaboo, K decided to eat his pellets and signed for more when they were all gone (thankfully they’re just made of hay…not that it makes it ok but at least they’re edible for humans and somewhat healthy, haha).

11. K can spend anywhere from ten minutes to an hour (or even longer if we let her) in her chair joyfully consuming her meal.

12. K LOVES to dine out at restaurants, buffets in particular. She loves to look at the seemingly endless amounts of foods displayed and excitedly squeals and signs familiar foods when we put them onto her plate.

13. K’s first words: mama, dada, buh buh (bunny), mo (more), foo (food), pees (please)

14. When I say, “it’s time to eat,” K squeals with excitement and runs over to her high chair, picks up her bib and tries to put it on.

15. If K is having a meltdown because she’s overtired, I’ll mention the word “food” and she instantly turns that frown upside down!

Do you have a foodie baby at home? If so, what signs do you see?


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