Here a Bib, There a Bib, Everywhere a Bib, Bib


Foodie babies wear bibs. (pg. 1)

Foodie Babies Wear Bibs” by Michelle Sinclair Colman, Illustrations by Nathalie Dion

Once K started eating solid foods, bibs were a must. On went a clean bib, off went a bib smeared with a rainbow of colors from red raspberries, orange sweet potatoes and yellow curry to green avocados, blue blueberries, purple yams and pink strawberry guavas.

Before I had K, I struggled with creating a registry…especially when it came to picking out simple necessities like bibs. When scrolling through online catalogues and browsing through bibs at the store, I was quite overwhelmed with the fact there were so many choices of a simple item that served the same purpose…to keep baby clean during mealtime! While it was easy to pick out the REALLY cute ones like the Skip Hop animals (to me, at least) from the basic patterned or solid colored ones, I really didn’t know if K would need a “hidden” zip-up pouch, the easy-to-wipe plastic lining, a special pocket to catch food, arm-holes to protect the sides of baby’s shirt, a full-out towel bib that looks like a kitchen towel with a hole in the center or a bibs that stayed on baby with snaps, ties, velcro or magnets!

Here a bib, there a bib, everywhere a bib, bib. 

At the end of the day (or should I say pregnancy), I went with my gut and picked out the REALLY cute Skip Hop ones and thankfully they’ve been both K’s and my favorite! And in case you’er wondering why…they’re super cute, come in a variety of colors and animal styles, they’re easy to fold up, wipe down, wash and air dry, they have that little pocket that catches food, they fold up in a small pouch and so far, K has remained clean through her foodie adventures. Oh! And the bibs also have matching lunch boxes, table wear and backpacks that we couldn’t resist.

What kind of bib does your little foodie wear?


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