My Favorite Baby & Finger Food Website


Foodie babies enjoy finger foods. (pg. 7)

Foodie Babies Wear Bibs” by Michelle Sinclair Colman, Illustrations by Nathalie Dion

Is your foodie baby enjoying finger foods? If not, is your little one showing readiness signs? I remember when K was around three months old and she began eyeing the food on my plate while smacking her lips together. A month later I introduced an array of “safe first foods” purees and eventually small bites of soft vegetables and fruits. About three months later, she began grasping for her spoon (and the food on it of course!) so we decided she was most likely ready for really soft finger foods.

We began with pea-sized pieces of very ripe avocado, sweet potato and squished blueberries (without the skins). She loved picking at the pieces and stuffing them (fingers included) in her mouth. During this time, I would show her how to “chew” by exaggerating my mouth and teeth chomping up and down. She would mimic me and laugh. When she grabbed for more before she had chewed and swallowed her food, I would tell her “wait until you finish chewing and swallowing your food” and then ask her to open her mouth to show me her food was gone. As long as I sat with her, she wouldn’t stuff her mouth like a chipmunk (note: babies should not be eating finger foods unsupervised as choking can happen the minute you look away). If baby starts choking, Baby Center illustrates in detail (with pictures) life-saving steps to take.

In the months to come, I experienced a variety of recipes for K to enjoy primarily from my favorite baby & toddler food website…Wholesome Food Baby! I love their recipes, food introduction charts, tips for preparing/storing baby food, “how-to’s” for feeding baby and more! Definitely check these links out:

Readiness Signs for Solid Food     Tips/Charts for Introducing Solids     Solid Foods Chart

First Foods for Baby      Introducing Finger Foods      Finger Foods Recipes      Allergies

Puree/Store Baby Foods        Adding Spices to Baby Food         Constipation Remedies

Vegetarian Baby           Honey?           Water?           When to Introduce Whole Milk

I hope you enjoy this site as much as I do!

What is your lil’ foodie’s favorite finger foods? Do you have any favorite websites for recipe ideas?


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