K’s First Valentines


Today was a special day as K received her very first valentine from her friend, Baby C. It was just precious watching the two girls: Mama Karen handed C her valentine, reminding her that she had made it for K. C studied her valentine and began to hand it over to K. K didn’t see so C tried again. This time K held out her hand to receive her valentine (pictured above). K studied it, smiled, put it down and went back to playing with the wood chips. C took the valentine and handed it back to her mama. SO SWEET!!!

I am not quite sure what K makes of the word “valentine” but she definitely has heard that word at least a hundred times over the last few days. And every time I mention it, she excitedly points to the valentines she has ready to deliver next week.


Over these first few days of February, Baby K has been busy making her first heart-shaped valentines for friends and family. Our craft room (which really is a large sheet of craft paper on our kitchen floor) is one of her favorite places to work. Every time I ask her if she wants to work on an art project, she stops everything she’s doing, her eyes widen and she lets out a loud squeal…she loves to make art! Ever since she was able to grasp objects in her hand, K has had many opportunities to work with crayons, pencils and markers. A few weeks ago she worked with paints, glue and glitter (which is definitely her favorite medium right now…she goes CRAZY with the glitter!).

Okay, so back to the valentines. A few days ago, I laid out some materials for K to use and told her that we would be making special Valentine cards in the shapes of hearts like the ones in the books we’ve been reading (I’ll be featuring some love/friendship themed books later this week). We talked about how hearts mean “love” and I asked her who she loved. Dada, Mama, Peek, Nana, Papa and Maa were who she mentioned, with lots of “Dada”s in between (she sure loves her Daddy!).


I had to put the glitter to the side at first, if not it would be a GLITTER PARTY and that would be it for the day. K went for the cute animal, heart and flower stickers (given to her by Mama Karen and her baby C) and it was so neat to watch her persevere and peel off the backs of them (which isn’t such an easy task, even for me!). After taking her time deciding which sticker she wanted to put on, she picked it up and carefully picked at the edge of it for 10 seconds or so. Once the end started to peel back, she used her pincer fingers to pull off the backing. On went the sticker onto the card and she thoughtfully picked out another. This went on for several minutes and I enjoyed watching and secretly taking pictures from the side.


Next, she went for the glue, beads and sequins (or “treasures” as we call them) and began painting the glue onto the heart and sprinkling the pieces on. As she sprinkled the beads on, K would say “beeee, beeee” and take her time rubbing her fingers together as the beads dropped onto the heart rolling into the glue.


Finally it was GLITTER TIME!!! K started with the white glitter. She picked up the jar and shook her glitter shaker as hard and fast as she could and laughed and squealed with glee. Next it was red. And then it was gold. She shook and shook until almost all was gone (thankfully I thought about this ahead of time and filled my empty cinnamon jars with only a few capfuls of glitter!).


Right when she put the glitter jar down, she looked at me as she signed “all done.” I told her how proud of her I was for taking her time and working so hard on them. I showed her how she could gently tap the glitter off the hearts and see her work. “Wow!” she said. She got a kick out of tapping the back of each heart and revealing the other pieces she glued and stuck on. “Wow!” she would say as she tapped. We talked about each as it was revealed. Afterward, she pointed at each valentine and she reminded me that the one with the bear was Dada’s, the one with the bunny was Papa’s (Papa loves bunnies) and the one with the lady bug was Peek’s. She was so proud and I think she just may be even prouder when she gives them away to each family member and friend next week.

Is your little one making valentines? How is your little one sharing his/her love on Valentine’s Day?


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