Friendship & Love


“We’ll be Friends Forever, won’t we, Pooh?  I think it’s called love.”

– A.A. Milne

Baby K had a special playdate today with her first baby friend, M (which also meant I had a special playdate with my mama friend, Christine). Ever since M was about a month old, Mama Christine and I would wear our babies and take them on long walks around the neighborhood. As we shared the joys and hardships of being new moms, M and K would peek out of our carriers/wraps, gaze at each other and coo. Oh mama! That’s enough! is probably what they were thinking as we giddily made remarks about how cute they were staring, smiling and cooing at each other. Since then, their friendship has blossomed through play opportunities at the park, yoga classes, play groups, library story times, trips to the yogurt shop, mall outings, the pumpkin patch and birthday parties. Through time, they’ve learned each other’s faces, names, toys, moms and I’m sure even more.

Not only was today’s playdate special because it was with K’s first friend, today also marked a full year since Christine and I formed our baby group at the park. Our first group consisted of just the four of us. We sat together on a picnic blanket. Baby K could barely sit up and baby M was just beginning to see the world in full color. We brought a few rattles and books for them to play with. We sang a few songs, read a book and talked about nursing, nap schedules and our deprived sleep.

Fast forward to today. It was just the four of us at an indoor playground. K was running toward and then climbing up the slide and M was climbing up the stairs and sliding down the slide on his tummy. Christine and I attempted to start conversations but our little ones wouldn’t let us continue as they were on the move and they were fast!

We really enjoyed watching them play. After K climbed up the slide, M wanted to as well. I reminded K how I encouraged her when she began learning to climb the slide. I demonstrated how I would tap my hands on the top of the slide and say “GO K Go!” K pitter pattered her hands on the slide, looked right at M and shouted “GO, GO, GO!!!” M worked hard has he pushed himself up and later when he came down, K clapped her hands, congratulating M for his success.

As they played on the structures for a good hour or so, I noticed that every once in a while, K and M would look for each other, checking to make sure their friend was there. At one point, I noticed K looking all around. I asked her what she was looking for and she said, “M.” I helped her find him and she ran over to see what he was doing. When it was snack time, K shared her raspberry muffin (that means a lot because she doesn’t even share her muffins with me!) and when it was time to go, M gave K a hug and K gave M a kiss on the forehead. As K and I waved goodbye, she said “Un-yeh, un-yeh.” I asked her, “Again what?” and she answered, “Un-yeh M,” letting me know she wanted to see M again.

In the midst of running around and keeping a good eye on our little ones today, Christine and I had the chance to reflect on the growth and development that has taken place over the last year. We were able to share the joys as a mom watching our little ones grow together as friends. It’s been a neat journey (for all of us) and to think that this is just the very beginning of a friendship!

I am so appreciative of having Christine and moms like her in my life. To share life’s joys and challenges, to ask questions and advice, and to have someone fun to have playdates with.

And I am so grateful that K has a friend like M in her life. To play and talk, to sing and dance, and to have someone fun to have playdates with 🙂

Before bedtime, after reflecting about our day, I asked K, “Do you love or like M?” K stopped to think. Oddly, she didn’t answer right away as she usually does. 99% of the time she just repeats the second of the two options I give her. I looked at her, she looked at me and then she answered, “Luh.”


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