I Love You, Little One (by Nancy Tafuri)


I love when baby K runs over to me and snuggles in my lap, placing this special book in my hands while asking me to “reee, reee pees Mama!” (read, read please Mama!). Beautifully themed for Valentine’s Day, “I Love You, Little One” by Nancy Tafuri, illustrates the way six animal babies and one little child are specially loved by their Mamas. I love how the words are poetically read from page to page in a familiar phrase that captures the beauty of love between mother and her “little one.” The animals are drawn with fine detail and its habitats are featured both visually and through similes when compared to a Mama’s love. As K and I read this story over and over again, she enjoys pointing out all the animals and critters on each page and helping me end each question with “Mama” and phrase with “always.”

Over the next week, I will read you this story as you reflect on your love for your little one.


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