My Valentine’s Tradition (Plus a Cookie Giveaway from Books & Cookies!)


Every Valentine’s Day since K was born (which makes this one the second), I visit my favorite local children’s bookstore/kid’s café, Books & Cookies, to pick out a Valentine’s Day gift for baby K. This morning I had the chance to go to Main Street and enjoy some time (baby-free) browsing through the sweet Valentine-themed selection at Books and Cookies. Not only did I find K the perfect book for this Friday, I also discovered Santa Monica’s BEST vegan cookie (a Valentine’s treat) and first time mom and published author Chudney Ross, who just happens to be the owner of this lovely store!

First, let’s start with K’s Valentine’s gift. The one book that really caught my eye was “Big Hugs, Little Hugs” by Felicia Bond (bestselling artist of “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie”). This colorful board book shares examples of animal hugs from all over the world. I love how the few simple words on each page teach opposites and habitats, communicate love and promote diversity. I know K will love the adorable collage/textured material pictures of the parent and baby animals hugging in different habitats. I cannot wait to give her this Valentine on the 14th!


Second, whether you’re vegan or not, once you take a bite out of this huge Almond Butter & Jammers heart-shaped signature cookie found only in their cafe, you’ll be craving for more. Standing at the register with my book in hand, I glanced at the mouth-watering sweet treats, savory sandwiches and great drink menu. Among the ever-so-popular rainbow sprinkle sugar cookies, Total Chaos favorite and chewy oatmeal cranberry cookie, this Almond Butter & Jammers caught my eye. I just HAD to get one of these…they’re made of almond butter (which I LOVE), are filled with berry jam and are shaped in a heart. And I am SO glad I did!!! I took one bite and my mouth was in heaven as I enjoyed the chewy cinnamon-y cookies and the creamy almond butter and sweet berry jam that squeezed out of the sides. Mmmmm! (enter in the giveaway and enjoy one of these!!!…or just pick one up right now!)

Third, as I mentioned earlier, it was truly a joy to meet Chudney Ross! She shared her incredible story with me and left me blown away by her accomplishments, her passion about literature and her love for children.


I asked her to give me a few highlights about Books & Cookies that I could share with my readers and here is what she described:

06 6511_683230765035795_690446538_n

Books and Cookies is an enchanting blend of literature, learning and sweet treats…a children’s bookstore, kid’s café, party space and enrichment center!

Books-and-Cookies-1  IMG_9032  IMG_9033

Our spacious, sun-filled book room stocks both classics and contemporary must-reads for babies to tweens. The space is completely kid friendly with cozy nooks, a hammock, a tee pee and plenty of places to curl up and get lost in the pages of a book.

Kitchen   IMG_9549 

Our kidʼs café offers freshly baked cookies, but we also have a full menu of healthy snacks, baked goods and drinks for kids and adults. Weʼve taken special care to offer wholesome, homemade, organic, gluten free, vegetarian and vegan options, so that there is something tasty for everyone.

IMG_9037  425321_394031870622354_2044231196_n

During the week, we offer enrichment activities from story times to music classes, arts & crafts and cookie decorating. Our activities foster learning, fun and family interaction. On the weekends, we host children’s birthday parties, crafts, storytelling and cookie decorating all based on your child’s favorite books! Who wouldn’t want to bring in a new year with Dr. Seuss or Fancy Nancy or Pete The Cat!

It was wonderful meeting Chudney and seeing her vision for creating Books & Cookies. As mentioned in MomsAngeles‘ latest blogpost that featured this Chudney and her store, Books & Cookies needs your support in keeping this integral part of our city alive! And to encourage you to drop in, Chudney is giving away homemade cookies from her cafe in our giveaway.

Click here to enter: a Rafflecopter giveaway

I hope you enjoyed this post and I look forward to letting you know how K likes her Valentine’s book (maybe it’ll be her favorite like last year’s gift!) and which three of you will be receiving a delicious homemade cookie from Books & Cookies  🙂

What is your favorite children’s book?

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