Baby K Screams for Ice Cream (plus a $25 gift card giveaway to 3 readers from Beachy Cream)


Baby K just LOVES ice cream! She literally screams, squeals and signs for “more” when I mention the word. She’s enjoyed eating organic, homemade ice cream (well, not exactly ice cream, but whipped up frozen puree) since she was about 5 months old. Since K started solids, she’s always preferred her food cold…and I mean slushy, freezing cold (maybe because she had some pre-teething going on, preferred her food cold or just could not wait for me to heat up her meal). Fortunately because of her ice cold food preference, K made it real easy for me when it came to preparing her meals. Instead of having to warm her pre-frozen ice cube purees in a water bath or on the stove, all I had to do was stick a few cubes in the fridge a couple hours before and then mash it into a ready-to-serve “ice cream” treat.

It wasn’t until she was around 9 months old when I started making her actual fruit-based ice cream and sorbets. Whether I blended frozen bananas, avocados, strawberries or mangoes with frozen cubes of my homemade organic coconut milk or organic full-fat cow’s milk yogurt, she couldn’t get enough of it (and my husband and I couldn’t either). It was a little after her 1 year old birthday when we decided we would have a sugar- and grain-free kitchen (meaning only a bit of honey, coconut crystals or maple syrup as sweeteners and we said our goodbyes to rice, oatmeal and any sort of grains), and that’s when my homemade ice cream recipes and my Vitamix came in handy for our entire family!

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But in the occasion that we go out for a cold, refreshing ice cream treat (like this Valentine’s Day), we visit Santa Monica’s best ice cream parlor, Beachy Cream! This ice cream and sweet shop prides itself using 100% organic locally sourced and sustainable ingredients (the only ice cream company that can make that claim in LA). Now that’s real high-quality ice cream…ice cream I would give baby K one day! As a partner of Community Perks, I had the chance to connect with Ann Ryan, Founder and President of Beach Cream, listen to her story and get the latest scoop on their creations.


Beth Stockwell and Ann Ryan (co-owners for Beachy Cream)

Inspired by her passion for food especially from spending summers in Cape Cod as a little girl, her grandmother’s love for baking and fond childhood memories of ice cream, Ann decided to leave her successful career in the film and financial industry to turn her favorite pastime of making and experimenting with new ice cream flavors into a viable career…starting her own ice cream shop! In 2009, Ann purchased an ice cream cart, used her grandmother’s molasses spice cookie recipe, and started making ice cream sandwiches with local, sustainable ingredients. Soon she had access to a kitchen at a local café, gained her first commercial customer, and started Beachy Cream 100% organic ice cream.

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Beachy Cream has created what I (and anyone who’s tasted one) call
the perfect ice cream sandwich!!!


The ice cream and the pin-up girls that represent the brand are inspired by Cape Cod summers, family recipes, and coastal surfers. You can find the pin-up style models wearing vintage swimsuits and serving ice cream sandwiches to guests at events from local Santa Monica festivals to celebrity events including Elton John’s Oscar Party. They’ve also been featured on the Food Network’s “Unique Sweets.”


Beachy Cream always brings smiles and joy to families in our city, including ours! I am always intrigued by their creative flavors like Ginger Wipeout, B*tchin Hot Chocolate (my all time favorite) and Key Lime Cowabunga (my husband’s fav). In addition to their ice cream based treats like sundaes, floats, shakes and malts, they serve delicious 100% grass-fed beef hotdogs and chili which can be served in a gluten-free or a pretzel bun. Check out their menu here!

And here’s the latest scoop…after talking to Ann, it looks like they are even contemplating the idea of creating a baby/toddler friendly ice cream with the use of organic fruit as its sweetener. Ice cream made especially for babies and tots to enjoy at an actual ice cream shop?? What a revolutionary idea!!! I can already imagine K screaming for Beachy Cream ice cream 🙂

If you haven’t had a taste of their organic ice cream yet, it’s time you head on over to Beachy Cream, located at 1209 Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica 90403. And as an encouragement to my readers, we are doing a shared giveaway for a $25 gift card to Beachy Cream that 3 lucky ice cream lovers will win!


Enter this giveaway!!!

I’ll end with a quote (which I love) that Ann and Beth shared with me,

“We at Beachy Cream believe everyone deserves a sweet treat every once in a while. While enjoying Beachy Cream, people can feel good about what they’re putting in their bodies as we are 100% organic and don’t ever put any chemicals or stabilizers in our ice cream. We love making people happy, one sweet treat at a time!”

Which Beachy Cream ice cream flavors would you like to try?

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