The Joy of Giving (and receiving too!)


Baby K spent a lot of time, energy, patience, hard work and creativity over the last few weeks making and decorating valentines for her friends and family. She loved the entire process from painting glue on paper hearts and picking out treasures/beads/stickers for each recipient to writing special messages and sprinkling tons of glitter on them to make sure each one sparkled just the right amount. Making these valentines brought her great joy but none compared to when she gave them away!

IMG_9221   IMG_9562

IMG_9623   IMG_9795

The first few weeks of February flew by with all of the fun going on in K’s craft room. Valentine’s Day finally came and that special day and weekend was a very exciting time. Not only did K get to enjoy special playdates which included making and eating pink heart-shaped pancakes with her friend (or should I say Valentine) M and enjoying girl-time with C and M, but she finally got to hand out each of her valentine cards to her friends and family (and even give bunny some fresh valentine snacks).

IMG_9162   IMG_9801

IMG_9665  IMG_9676  photo (2)  

Excitement filled K’s eyes as she grasped on tightly to her valentine card and ran over and handed it to her loved one. Carefully observing her recipient’s facial expression and response, K desperately waited for a big smile to appear. Thankfully all of her loved ones responded with a smile (phew!), gave her lots of hugs and kisses and thanked her for the valentine. K just glowed and great joy overcame her. I could tell that she was proud of all the work she put into making the valentines and happy that she was able to make her loved ones feel so special.

IMG_9254   IMG_9255

K also loved receiving special valentines and gifts (well, I guess that’s no surprise…what baby doesn’t love receiving gifts?). From her first valentine card and toys from friends to outfits and books from family, K received each of them and was overwhelmed with love and joy (and so was I). “Thank you, thank you,” she would sign.

Watching K joyfully give and gratefully receive from others reminds me of how blessed I am to have given birth to K and receive her as a miraculous gift from God. From the day my husband and I found out I was pregnant to the day K was born, we were filled with an immense amount of joy and didn’t think it could grow even more. But the love and joy we have with baby K in our lives continues to grow stronger each day. While we are constantly giving our love, nurture and care for K, we are receiving endless amounts of joy from her sweet smiles and giggles, every new milestone she reaches and each moment we share as a family. All we can say is “thank you, thank you” as we end each night in prayer.


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