Almond Flour Strawberry & Blueberry Pancakes (Paleo, sugar-/gluten-/grain-/dairy-free)



Making pancakes for my family on a rainy morning is one of my favorite things to do…not only do I enjoy creating something yummy in the kitchen, I love smell of homemade pancakes on the griddle, the sweetness of berries and hint of almond or coconut (depending on what type of flour I use), the fluffy yet moist texture in my mouth, and watching my husband and baby K enjoy every last bit of them, licking their fingers clean! Mmmmm! is what baby K would say between each bite!

Last Friday morning (which happened to be a very rainy National Pancake Day), I woke up humming Jack Johnson’s Banana Pancakes song. And if you don’t know that song, it’s all about making pancakes when it’s raining out side. Thus, Friday was the perfect day to make some pancakes!

IMG_9702 IMG_9706 IMG_9710

I decided to make a version of what my friend Mama Christine and I experimented making (Raspberry Almond Flour Pancakes) on Valentine’s Day with our little ones. I looked in our fridge and freezer and realized we had a handful of organic frozen strawberries, several eggs, homemade coconut milk and I happened to sprout a few cupfuls of raw almonds the day before (sprouting them by soaking them in water the day before helps make them more digestible, increases vitamins and neutralizes enzyme inhibitors/phytic acid…well, you get the point…definitely look this up if you’re into all this like I am!). So…I decided to combine several versions of almond flour pancake recipes I’ve tried in the past into one of my very own! And this one is SUPER easy, takes about 10 minutes and tastes delish!

Here’s what I did in a nutshell…


I grounded up 1 1/2 cup of my sprouted almonds and then added four medium sized frozen strawberries, 3 eggs and a dash of cinnamon into my Vitamix and pressed puree for about 15 seconds.


I added a cup of frozen blueberries and gently mixed them into my batter…as you can see below, it gave it a nice purplish blue color.


I added some coconut milk to give it a desirable texture. After greasing my griddle (which was set to medium-low on the stove) with organic grass-fed butter, I put tablespoonfuls of batter onto my griddle, leaving an inch or so apart.


I waited until the 2″ pancake would bubble and then using a plastic spatula, I flipped them over until browned on both sides (I also squished them flat to make sure all its insides were cooked thoroughly). As you can see, the pancakes increase in diameter as they are squished, so giving them room in the beginning is a must!


When done, I stacked them up and then put more organic grass-fed butter on top! I served them with a side of mac nut butter to dip in and some homemade honey whipped butter for my husband and me. Bon appetite, it was time to eat!

Almond Flour Strawberry & Blueberry Pancakes 
Paleo, sugar-free, grain-free, gluten-free, dairy-free

This recipe takes about 15 minutes and makes 10-15 small (2-3 inch) pancakes!

What You Need:
Ingredients (listed below)
blender (or whisk and a strong arm)
medium bowl
mixing spoon (for mixing blueberries into batter)
tablespoon (one you eat soup with) or ladle for pouring batter onto

1 C almond flour (homemade or Bob’s Red Mill Almond Meal/Flour)
1 C organic strawberries (fresh or frozen)
4 organic range-free eggs
1 dash of cinnamon
A few teaspoons of coconut milk (or any desired milk)
1 C organic blueberries (fresh or frozen)
Organic coconut oil (I use Trader Joe’s or Nutiva) or melted grass-fed butter (that’s what I used this time)

1. Place the first 4 ingredients into your blender (or bowl if you’re using a hand whisk) and puree/whisk.
2. Pour batter into bowl and add a teaspoon, two or three of coconut milk if your batter is too thick and gently mix in your blueberries.
3. Heat greased griddle/pan over a medium-low flame (you’ll have to experiment to get the perfect heat since all stoves are different) and then once hot, pour tablespoons full of batter leaving about an inch of space in between.
4. Once the pancake batter bubbles, carefully and quickly slide your spatula under the pancake and flip, squishing your pancake flat to make sure the inside is cooked thoroughly.
5. Once browned on both sides, remove from griddle/pan and serve with butter, cream, fruit, honey, maple syrup or just as it is!

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