April in an Easter Eggshell


April has been a whirlwind in our house with teething, teething and even more teething! And as many of you know…TEETHING = NO SLEEP and no sleep for me means I transform into a zombie mama trying to keep things running in the household! A visit to the Zimmer museum, a handful of trips to the garden, a plane ride to the Bay Area for a visit, three Easter Egg Hunts, and several molars later, we have officially survived and baby K is now all smiles (with new teeth and all)!!


So here’s our April in an Easter Eggshell: Celebrating her Papa’s birthday by making him some Carrot Cake Cupcakes and enjoying K’s first visit to Bottega Louie in Downtown LA…

IMG_1936 IMG_1884

Exploring, imagining and playing with friends at the Zimmer Museum (K’s favorite is the ball pit…she could sit in there for hours!)

IMG_2064 IMG_2060IMG_2043 IMG_2010

Celebrating my birthday at Balboa Island (yes, her highlights always have to do with food) and getting a kick out of K’s first Benihana experience.


IMG_2087 IMG_2099

Several visits to Aidan’s Place Park in Westwood ~ of course K gravitates to the giant carrot 🙂

IMG_2100 IMG_2096IMG_2684

Watching ever so patiently for her eggshell garden to grow.

IMG_2237 IMG_2240

Making multiple visits to our neighbor’s garden where she replant her bean plant and helped water it (not to mention her socks, shoes and jeans too) with the hose.

IMG_2128 IMG_2145

Painting eggshells with homemade natural dye (strawberries, tumeric, blueberries, carrots and kale).

IMG_2249 IMG_2282IMG_2306

Decorating eggs with dot paint, stickers, markers, you name it!


Devouring her first Easter bunny shaped breakfast (which she didn’t realize were in the shape of bunnies til after she ate ’em!)


Hunting for Easter eggs at the park, in the backyard and around the house (scavenger hunt) and even meeting the Easter Bunny!

IMG_2613 IMG_2614IMG_2695

IMG_2647 IMG_2639

Discovering and reading some of her new favorite books (did I mention K has an obsession over eggs???)

IMG_2215  IMG_2220

Exploring the beautiful scenery at Greystone Mansion & Park in Beverly Hills.

IMG_2711 IMG_2715 IMG_2714

Celebrating her new teeth coming in with her first trip to the ice cream shop (where she was able to enjoy the ice cream along with us, that is!). She LOVES the coconut cream based ice cream at Kippy’s in Venice and cannot wait to go back for another visit!

        IMG_2767 IMG_2762

Ending the month with a special visit to Tongva Park with her Papa & Nana where she splashed and played in the water play area, climbed up the rock wall and slid down the bumpy roll-y slide over and over again (pictures to come).

What a month!!!! 


3 thoughts on “April in an Easter Eggshell

  1. Carol Hartanto

    What fun! The things she does are amazing… Gardening ,science, art , food,adventure, exploring, and of course the natural process of teething…she’s one smart, creative child … She sure is blessed to have a santamonica mama!

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