“CREAM!!!” (ice cream at Kippy’s that is)



It’s been a reeeeally hot the last few days or so here in Santa Monica and thankfully we are able to beat the heat with our new ice cream shop discovery and some of my favorite homemade frozen treats (stay tuned this week for recipes)! Today’s blogpost will be all about K’s new favorite place to eat at…Kippy’s!

 IMG_2049.JPG IMG_1696

Ever since our first visit to Kippy’s Ice Cream Shop celebrating K’s molars coming in at the end of April, K’s been begging for more “cream” as she calls it. Whenever she sees a picture of an ice cream cone, she shouts out, “CREAM!!!” with a huge smile on her face, followed by “moh, moh pease Mama!” (more, more please Mama!) As mentioned last February, K has been eating “ice cream” pretty much since she’s been born. She enjoys my frozen fruit, vegetable and herb-infused sorbets/ice creams that I whip up when experimenting with seasonal organic produce and my Vitamix in the kitchen.


About a month ago, K’s Uncle Matt told us about Kippy’s and once I looked it up, I was excited to see that they are an ice cream shop that features organic non-dairy ice cream made only of fresh coconut cream, coconut water, raw honey, fresh fruit from local farms and/or cacao (no refined sugar, GMO’s, additives, etc. found here!). And as mentioned on their site, they drain, crack, and shred over 1000 organic coconuts a week and none of their frozen treats contain dairy, soy or nuts. They’re not only gluten-free and vegan but Paleo-approved (and I like that!!!).

Being a grain-free, real food Mama who makes her own organic coconut milk, coconut flour and uses coconut oil for baking and now oil-pulling, Kippy’s sounded like a dream come true. And after my first visit there, it was definitely a DREAM COME TRUE!!! (HEAVENLY as a matter of fact!)

 1780859_210576249139514_1120762787_n IMG_2771

This adorable shop is located on Lincoln Blvd. on the border of Santa Monica and Venice, only a block or two away from my favorite workout spot, Cardio Barre. If you’re driving down Lincoln Blvd. from Santa Monica towards Abbott Kinney, you’ll see Kippy’s on the left with cute pictures of bees on its window. Outside its shop, you’ll see a chalkboard with Kippy’s colorfully written on it and inside you’ll find decorated with chalkboards bringing even more color on the walls with descriptions of the ingredients, health benefits and fun facts about how Kippy’s makes its ice cream.

13237_145810992282707_2038072635_n 1545547_198010887062717_648622692_n

With flavors like Dark Chocolate, Coconut Honey, Strawberry, Orange Pop and Cappuccino (which tastes like coffee but really is caffeine Guatemalan Ramon dust ~ perfect for a nursing mama who misses her coffee like me!), you’ll want to try them all (with a silver spoon)! After picking out a few flavors to “mix & match” in one of their ceramic bowls, you can then top it off with a “magic shell” (coconut oil/cacao/honey), whipped (coconut) cream, nuts or even some fresh bee pollen…absolutely delish!!!

So…you’re probably thinking…is it as good as it sounds?!?!


I’d have to say EVEN BETTER!!! The generously scooped ice cream was creamy, the flavors…well exactly as you know ’em since you’re literally getting the freshest organic fruits blended into sweet, heavenly coconut. We enjoyed our Coconut Honey Yogurt and Dark Chocolate ice cream. It was the PERFECT ice cream for K and me (and I’m sure for the 10-15 people in line out the door!).

1535758_187866924743780_1433650388_n 960246_177829632414176_1170511412_n

Oh! And I almost forgot to mention that Kippy’s also offers their homemade coconut cream, coconut water, chocolate truffles (similar to the truffles I like to make) and other vegan snacks to take to go.


All in all, we fell in love with Kippy’s and ended up going back last weekend and took the family! This time, K even got her very own “kid-sized” scoop of fresh strawberry and chocolate chip ~ “Mmmmm! Cream!!!” is all she said between her smiles, bites of ice cream and licking her lips.

I hope you have the chance to visit Kippy’s when you’re in the area on a hot day! 

*photos that do not feature Baby K are from Kippy’s Facebook mobile uploads


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