Coconut Avocado Pear Popsicles


Looking for a healthy frozen treat for you and your family (baby included)? Or maybe something to help with your teething baby? I just discovered these icy creamy treats on The Spunky Coconut’s blog the other day and with organic avocados and pears in the fridge, I thought I’d give it a try. And for an added bonus, we just had to dip them in coconut flakes just like in my last recipe I posted. They’re not only rich in healthy fats and are full of fiber, they taste DELICIOUS!!! Baby K enjoyed her first popsicle this morning and we all LOVED them! I hope you (and/or your little ones) do too!

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Coconut Avocado Pear Popsicles
Paleo, grain-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, soy-free
Adapted from The Spunky Coconut’s Avocado Pear Baby Food Pops

This recipe takes about 45 minutes or however long your freezer takes to freeze popsicles (10 min. prep & 35 min. + in the freezer)  and makes 4 popsicles

What You Need:
Ingredients (listed below)
blender or food processor
popsicle molds (I used these Mickey Mouse ones) OR small Dixie cups, aluminum foil & popsicle sticks
thin spatula or teaspoon (for filling molds/cups)
small bowl

2 ripe pears with skins removed (I used organic d’ anjou pears)
2 ripe avocados pitted and scooped
1/2 C finely shredded coconut flakes (I use Let’s Do Organic Coconut)

1. Puree pear and avocado in blender/food processor.
2. Fill popsicle molds with puree (try to fill all the air pockets) .
3. If using cups, fill with puree 3/4 full and cover the with foil. Push popsicle sticks through the center of the foil, making sure the stick is 2/3 of the way down (make sure it does not touch the bottom).
4. Place into freezer. While waiting, pour coconut flakes into small bowl and set aside.
5. Once frozen, defrost for a few minutes and then remove popsicles (I ran some warm water over the molds for a minute before removing).
6. Dip popsicles into coconut flakes, using your fingers to coat them. If coconut flakes are not sticking, quickly run cold water over your pop and try again!
7. Serve immediately and enjoy on a hot day!

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