My New Favorite Bento Box (plus an exciting e-book collaboration)


Grrrr…I used to get so frustrated when K opened up her bento box and her meal was all mixed up! It definitely wasn’t my intent to have all the compartments full of green beans and cashew chicken topped with hummus, zucchini and apple slices! And K would know because she would take her time picking out each piece and placing into its separate compartment. After a good five minutes of practicing her sorting and fine-motor skills and then licking off the hummus on her fingers, lunch would finally begin!

Several months ago I discovered a bento box that can actually keep all the food (including sauces) in its place! And not only is this bento box made especially for kids (meaning durable/drop-proof, kid portion-sized, easy to use), it’s adorable, BPA-free, has a 2-year warranty and comes in a variety of colors. This bento box is called…BENTGO KIDS!!!

Bentgo Purple (3)Bentgo Purple (5)

And here’s the background to how I discovered this new awesome masterpiece (so new, it actually doesn’t even come out til tomorrow)…earlier in the year, my friend asked me if I might be interested in sharing a healthy recipe and filling a standard 2-tiered Bentgo box with a healthy meal for an e-book. I said “yes” of course and submitted my coconut flour raspberry muffins recipe served with chicken, baked sweet potato fries and some fruit. All was great, especially after receiving a standard Bentgo lunchbox of my own! Several months later, I heard back and asked if I would submit a few kid-friendly recipes and see if I could be part of an e-book collaboration for a new product on the market. Having faith that my eczema inflamed hand would even allow for me to even whisk an egg in a bowl, I said “sure” and got working in the kitchen. Inspired by my newest knowledge about eating right and keeping my eczema under control (gluten-free, grain-free, soy-free, refined sugar-free), I created ten recipes that were approved for publishing of their Bentgo Kids e-book (free with purchase of a Bentgo Kids lunchbox). In mid-August, not only was my hand miraculously cured, I was ready for a photo-shoot for the book. And that was an AWESOME experience ~ I felt like was on Master Chef for 90 minutes, chopping, creating and carefully placing the carefully planned meals into each compartment of the Bentgo Kids lunchbox. And last week was just as AWESOME when I received my very own (well, K’s very own) Bentgo Kids lunchbox in the mail!!!

 Bentgo Green (5)

After using it three times thus far I’ve been so impressed! The food stays in its place, it keeps K’s lunch insulated and they’re enough compartments for a lot of variety. I especially love the rubber gripping on it that keeps the box from sliding off the table (that’s happened one too many times with her other bento boxes, leaving K in tears). And hearing the comments I’ve been getting from other moms made me realize how practical this lunchbox is.

Okay, so I’m sure it sounds like I’m being paid to advertise this lunchbox, but I assure you, the Bentgo company didn’t have me sign a commitment to writing a post, promoting its product, etc…this is written based on the joy my Bentgo Kids lunchbox has brought K and me 🙂 And I’m loving it so much, I encourage you to take a look at it for yourself before getting one for your toddler, a friend or even yourself (yes, I am contemplating getting a blue or green one for me!). You can watch a short video promo here (you get a few seconds glimpse of a few of my meals) and here is a detailed sheet I requested for this post:


With a purchase, you get a FREE e-book of 30 healthy, fun kids recipes (I can’t wait to see how the cookbook turned out!). The retail price is $27.99 and pre-sales open up online tomorrow, November 13 at ~ it’s never too early to get some holiday shopping done!


One thought on “My New Favorite Bento Box (plus an exciting e-book collaboration)

  1. Carol Hartanto

    What a great product. Can’t wait to see that cookbook with your recipes.Every kid should have this…finally something to keep the foods separate and delicious looking.

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