One Year, One Month, One Day Old



It’s been so long I could have had another baby since the last time I blogged! It’s good to be back…well, at least for today. I’ve quickly learned that with having two little ones as a full time mom, it takes a whole lot of effort to first of all find a few minutes to myself, sit down without having to think about the looooooong list of things to do before tomorrow and on top of that, start typing! Well…here I am…FINALLY…9 months since my first post about Baby I (“Bear” is what we call him).

Today, Bear is one year, one month and one day old. And a LOT has happened since he was born. Here’s an update:

  • June: Bear was born and K (who we now call “Bug” since she’s my little Love Bug) became a BIG sister (a very helpful, loving one)
  • July: Bug gave Bear his first bath.
  • August: Bear was diagnosed with Pertussis but thankfully thrived!
  • September: Bug’s 3rd birthday
  • October: For Halloween, Bug dressed as a cherry pie and Bear wore a fuzzy bear costume (thus giving him his new name “Bear”). Scott started a new business with his friend.
  • November: Bug & Bear wore handprint turkey hats with their cousin Baby O (“Owl” is his nickname) and went to Palm Springs with the family to celebrate.
  • December: Bug participated in her first Christmas singing performance and Bear enjoyed his first Christmas. Bear also developed eczema and I began an elimination diet to pinpoint its cause.
  • January: Bug began school again (the co op I run/teach) Bear’s 1st tooth came in, started crawling and also began Cranial Sacral Therapy.
  • February: 4 new teeth came in overnight (poor Bear!), we celebrated Owl’s 1st birthday and Bear began pulling up to stand.
  • March: Bear started clapping and enjoyed solids for the first time (sweet potato). Bug sure enjoyed feeding him!
  • April: Bug won her first pet fish with her Auntie Julie! Bear stands on his own.
  • May: Bear’s language develops faster than we can keep up (“Mama,” “Dada,” “moh,” (more) “wah” (water) clicks his tongue when pointing to the clock, makes a fishy face when he points at Bug’s fighter fish). Bug read her first book on her own!
  • June: Our final days with our friends at Bug’s co op. Bear’s 1st Birthday (bear-themed of course!)
  • July: Bug’s first summer camp experience (without me) and first hula camp and luau (with me as teacher). Bear took his first steps and we both got our blood drawn to help us discover eczema-related food allergies.

Hoping I’ll have more very short moments like this to blog, even if it’s a real short one like today’s!




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