Happy St. Patty’s…Celebrate With a Shamrock Shake!


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It’s been all about rainbows and the color GREEN these past few weeks in K’s toddler co op…


mixing primary colors and making new ones,


dot-painting rainbows with cotton balls and clothespins,


making rainbows while zooming cars across the page,


gluing rainbow beads on an arch,


planting a rainbow in a large bin of beans,


and reading GREEN, by Laura Vaccaro Seeger.

Today we’re going to celebrate St. Patty’s as we learn the story of the Leprechaun, decorate our green pots that we’ll be planting seeds in next week, painting more rainbows, finding gold coins and making (then enjoying) healthy green Shamrock Shakes!

K’s been enjoying her Shamrock Shakes since last year and she cannot wait to make them in our Vitamix with her friends in class tomorrow! Here’s last year’s post including the easy recipe to make these perfect St. Patty’s Day green drinks. Enjoy!