Baby K Loves Ice (plus a special giveaway from Rita’s of Santa Monica)

Yes, ice…and she can’t get enough of it! Ever since we introduced ice to her she is constantly asking me for ice to chew on and melt in her mouth. “Iye, iye, iye” she would say as she tries pulling the freezer door open. But there’s something icy that she loves even more than ice (which is hard to believe once you see her beg for her life for ice)…her little stuffed friend, Ice Guy!
   photo (2)      IMG_6390
K loves to play with her stuffed toys (or “friends” as we call them)! We often find her giving them a hug, brushing their teeth with her toothbrush and as of the last few days, serving them “food” at her table (pictured above). Of all her stuffed friends, Rita’s of Santa Monica‘s mascot, Ice Guy, is the only one that puts a guaranteed big smile on K’s face.
Last fall, we heard that Rita’s would be opening up in our city and we were so excited, especially because the nearest Italian ice & frozen custard shop we’ve visited was all the way in Orange County! As their grand opening approached, not only did we sign them up as Community Perks parters (I love how owners Young and Hannah Ko are huge supporters of our city), but we heard about and couldn’t miss their grand opening day!
We woke up early that morning to stand in line for a chance to win Italian Ice for an entire year. As we waited, K sat in her new Minnie Mouse car, we enjoyed a few samples (more like teasers because they were so good), and one of Rita’s workers came out to give the crowd a pop-quiz about Rita’s. When someone answered correctly, that person would receive a bag with a Rita’s treat inside. K would listen and watch intently as the man shouted out questions to the crowd and handed gift bags to winners. K began to point at the bags, so I thought I better start answering the questions as there were only a few bags left. I started shouting out guesses and the man, probably feeling bad for me and my long-shot guesses, said that my answer was the closest to correct and handed K a bag. K glowed as she received it and we made sure she signed “thank you” upon receiving it. She opened it up and it was like love at first sight. Inside was her new best stuffed friend…ICE GUY!!! She looked at him, he smiled at her and then my husband had Ice Guy do a dance, flipping his feet from side to side. K laughed and smiled and held on tight to her new icy friend.
And ever since then, when we go out for a refreshing Italian ice or frozen custard treat at Rita’s, K is all smiles and loves to find all her Ice Guy friends around the store. And my husband and I love checking out their ice, cream and custard flavors for the day (they have a TON of flavors and combinations – check out their daily flavors/menu here) and enjoy visiting Young, Hannah and their team! While I can go on and on about this fun and family-friendly Italian Ice shop, Young’s sister, Sommy Rhee, wrote a great post featured on Red Tricycle and her blog, sharing about everything from Young’s entrepreneurial background to all the delicious treats that Rita’s of SM has to offer!
If you haven’t yet visited Rita’s of Santa Monica (located at 2307 Main St., Santa Monica 90405), it’s time you do!!! And tomorrow (Valentine’s Day) would be a better than perfect day to go. Here’s why: they are actually going to be giving away BOGO coupons to every customer to use on their next visit. The coupon will work toward any of their regular treats, including Gelatis, Sundaes, Milkshakes, Blendinis, and Mistos. And in case you already have Valentine’s Day plans, they are offering FREE regular cups of Italian Ice to every customer on the first day of Spring, which is Thursday, March 20.
And to encourage you to drop by their Italian ice & custard shop (that also serves hot pretzels, perfect for a cold day), Young and Hannah are giving away 10 Free Ice Coupons (which can be used toward Gelatis) and your very own ICE GUY toy!!!!
Enter the GIVEAWAY!!!
If you were to be selected, what would your first Gelati (ice + custard) combination be?
Oh! And in case you are wondering, we did win a year of ice at Rita’s grand opening, giving us even more of an excuse to visit THE BEST ICE & CUSTARD SHOP IN SANTA MONICA!!!!
Rita’s photo credits: Alice Cho Photography

3 thoughts on “Baby K Loves Ice (plus a special giveaway from Rita’s of Santa Monica)

  1. my husband’s most favorite dessert!! he loves the vanilla custard with Wild Black Cherry ice and…. blue raspberry… or peach… or green apple… it’s always changing! haha

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